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52 Super Fat spoke front wheels for Sportster 48

Fat Daddy Mammoth front wheel Sportster 48

Special order. Available in 16x3.5, 18x3.5, 21x3.5. Custom finishing.


40 and 60 spoke wheels for Indian Scout and Chief

We are offering now 40 and 60 spoke wheel configurations to fit Indian Scout and Chief.

Indian Scout 200 tire spoke wheel black 

Wheels for Indian Scout with up to 160 tire are a direct raplacement. For a 180 or 200 tire fit our wheels are a direct replacement but fender has to be removed or replaced with a custom one.

Indian scout 240 tire spoke wheels black and gold 

For an Indian Scout 240/40-18 rear tire with stock swing arm we offer a wheel kit. Our kit includes all nessesary spacers for fitment.


New Big Fat tire for front and rear

HD Wheels offers a new 21x5.5 and 23x5.5 Apollo-SL aluminum rim to fit 180/50-21 and 180/50-23 tire.


Hydrographics print on rim and hub

HD Wheels offers a new type of finishing option for motorcycle wheels. This new technique is based on Hydrographics printing. Achieving a desired finish requires three steps. Initially the rim or a hub is specially treated and a base color coat is applied. Next, a desired pattern print (carbon fiber, wood grain, flame imitations or art design) is adhered to get a needed look. After careful examination everything is sealed with a very high quality hard top clear coat to withstand road abuise.


Custom spoke wheels for Beringer Inboard System

New series of custom wire wheels build to run with Beringer Inboard brake system. Beringer has adapted aircraft braking technology for motorcycles. Per Beringer's calculations the system delivers three times less gyroscopic inertia, a 20% stopping power increase (over a single disc setup) and about 1 lb total weight reduction. All the above is being complimented by very unique look. Specially designed hubs allow from 40 to 120 spoke configuration which you can use either with single or dual brake rotors. Our wheels feature steel or aluminum rims, billet aluminum hubs, and stainless steel spokes with almost infinite configuration options of style and finish. Do not hesitate to contact us for any additional information.

Spoke wire wheels for Beringrt inboard system

Custom spoke wheels for 2015 and up Indian Scout

HD Wheels presents a new direct replacement custom wire wheels for a 2015 & up Indian Scout. Specially designed hubs allow 40 and 60 spoke configuration which you can use either with stock or Harley-Davidson type (more variety) brake rotors. Good for stock ABS system. Set to run stock cushioned pulley. For those of you who want 80, 90, 100 or 120 spoke wheel configurations we have a solution as well, but pulley/sprocket (rigid mounted) and rotors will have to be switched to Harley style. Our wheels feature steel or aluminum rims, light weight billet aluminum hubs, and stainless steel spokes with almost infinite configuration options of style and finish. Custom spoke wheels will add unique touch to your bike.

Spoke wheels for 2015 2016 Indian Scout

Wheels for Harley-Davidson Street XG-500 and XG-750

 HDW offers custom spoke wheels for a new Street line of Harley Davidson motorcycle ( Street XG-500 and XG-750). Our custom wheels will give a new look and will set your bike apart from the factory one. The choice of finishes and lacing patterns creates a great variety of choices starting with 40, 60, 80, 100 and 120 spoke configuration, and ending with a finish of your choice.

Spoke wheels for Street XG 500 750   Street 750
   Front fender risers bracket for Street XG500 XG750
160/60-18 (custom)  VS 140/75-15 (stock) rear tire

Front fender risers (FR-XG) allow to install stock fender when installing 18" and 19" wheel on Street XG500 / XG750  


Rear wheels for Harley-Davidson Trikes

Spoke wheels for Harley trikes 

For all the 3 wheel riders we have something to deliver to you. HDW started to manufacture rear wheels for Harley-Davidson Trike models. Our custom approach will allow you to fit motorcycle or a car tire. As always, looks can be customized from almost any aspect: spokes count, lacing styles and finishing options. Bolt pattern on the Hub bolt is 4x4.25. Per your special request we can make a hub with other bolt pattern too - Inches (5x4.25, 4x4.5, 5x4.5, 6x4.5) or Metric (4-100, 5-100, 4-110, 5-110, 5-115). Custom offsets also available upon request. Feel free to contact us for any additional information.


Horn Cover

Horn cover mesh 1

Horn Cover Kit for Harley-Davidson and custom motorcycles. Featuring a billet aluminum housing, and bracket with stainless steel screen. This Kit will allow you to modify the looks of your horn adding a nice accent to your bike. HCC-S kit will replace cow bell style Harley Davidson cover and allow you to use original spiral horn. For those of you who would like to have low profile horn housing choose  HCC-D model which has to be used with disk type horn. As one may expect, each separate part of the Kit can be finished according to your needs (front mesh, side mesh, front plate, back plate, etc), and it will certainly satisfy your expectations. Feel free to contact us for any additional information.

Horn cover black and red mesh  Horn cover Disk chrome and black mesh  Horn cover red and black mesh 

Air Cleaner Cover

Air cleaner cover Aspis  Air cleaner cover Aspis-HF 


(for Standard filter)


(for Standard or High Flow filter)


As a matching piece to the Horn cover kit we introduce an Air cleaner cover (for Standard (SF) or High Flow (HFF) filter) designed to cover filters as on Stage I for twin cam motors (5 1/2 inch diametr; 5/16-18 center screw (SF)). It consists of a front plate, front mesh, back plate (to cover air filter installation hardware), spacers (HFF), screws (HFF) and nutplates (HFF) which can be finished separately in a matching manner to the Horn Cover, or any other preferable finish, be it a matching piece or a stand alone part.  As an option front mesh can be removed to get a better exposure of a back plate or High Flow filter (see pictures below). Call us if you have any questions that we can address.  w hoD

Tire & Wheel packages
We can complete your wheel with a tire

Let us install Metzeler, Dunlop, Avon or any other tire for you. We guarantee that a tire will be installed without any scratches on the rim. Installation includes inner tube and Internal Dyna Beads balancing (no ugly spoke weights on the wheel). As an option, we can fill your tire with Nitrogen.

Titers installation 
Custom Wide White Wall tires, WWW
200/55-17 (Dunlop) and 120/70-21 (Metzeler)

Custom White Wall tires for 16", 17", 18", 19" and 21" wheels.

Can't find a Wide White Wall or a Narrow Stripe in particular tire size? We have a solution! Custom White wall from 1/4" to 2.5" wide, and not only a White Wall; we can offer Gold, Blue or Red Wall as well. A special formulated 3 layer process prevents White Wall from turning to a yellow one.
Upon request Dual Stripe is available.

Whitewall cleaning:

We recommend frequent cleanings with an abrasive cleaning pad. A fine or medium sanding sponge works well. Any good cleaner works good (Castrol Super Clean, 409, Simple Green, Grease Lightning, ...). Avoid cleaners that contain bleach like whitewall cleaner. It gets them clean alright, but what your will notice over time is that the whitewalls start to get dried out and lose that nice "smooth and shiny" surface quality (which also makes them easy to clean). Prolonged use of these cleaners can "dry" the whitewall surface. Never use products such as Armor All on whitewall. This can cause discoloration, too. Whitewall surfaces tend to "dry" with time, heat, ozone, etc. A vigorous cleaning periodically will get rid of the dry surface and help maintain the tires beauty. Don't be afraid to scrub.

Wide Color Wall Tires
Red wall tire Blue wall tire Yellow wall tire
Apart from the standard Wide White Wall tires HDW intriduces a brand new theme - Custom Color Walls.
They are as durable as our White Walls but have a unique custom touch that will make your buddies jelous guaranteed.


Custom Spoke Pulley
A Real Spoke Pulley made according to our high standards. We have reviewed the existing similar products on the market and have eliminated weak points as drilled sprocket, increased the cross of the spokes from 1 to 5! (standard Harley is cross 4), and use same spokes as on our wheels.
Available in sizes of  70 Tooth (1 1/8" Belt) and 66 tooth (3/4" and 1" belt)

Spoke pulley for Harley Black

All parts of a pulley can be finished individually.

1. Belt guard rings

2. Belt guard screws

3. Sprocket carrier

4. Nipples

5. Spokes

6. Hub

Spoke pulley for Harley Red


66 and 68 Tooth Billet Pulleys

20mm and 1"


for a 2007-2014 Harley Davidson



 Powder coated, Chrome Plated,

Black Nickel plated and more.

Wheels for 2009-2011 Harley Sportster XR1200
Available Now
18x5_5 Apollo-SL Cush Drive for 2009 Touring

Wheels for 2009-2014 HD Touring

with a Cush Drive

touring cush drive 

Available now in all styles.

ABS and Non-ABS configuration.

Design to fit new Compensated (Rubber -Cushioned) Drive System.


Wheels for 2006-2014 Harley-Davidson Softail


Direct replacement for 2006-2010 Softail factory rear wheel (17x6.25). No bike modifications are required. Light weight Billet Aluminum Rim and Hub. Stainless Steel Spokes. Fit original 200/55-17 tire. 25mm bearings. Available in 40, 60, 80, 100 and 120 spoke configuration.

Cross and Radial Lacing. Powder coated or chrome plated...

Rear wheels for 2006 and 2007 and 2008-2010 Softail's are different!


Wheels for Harley-Davidson Softail Rocker

A direct replacement and custom fitment for 2008-2011 Rocker


Wheels for 2006-2014 Harley-Davidson Dyna


Direct replacement for 2006-2014 Dyna factory front wheels

(Mid-Glide Hub).

Front wheel is available in sizes: 19x2.15, 19x3, 21x2.15, 21x3.0, 21x3.25 and 21x3.5.


A direct replacement

and a custom fitment for a


2008-2014 Fat Bob


Wheels for Choppers

26x3.75 to fit 120/50-26
30x4 to fit 140/40-30
23x3.75, 20x7, 20x10 and 21x9 Apollo-SL wheels available now in any lacing style and color.

23x3.75 will fit 130/60-23 (Avon) or 120/70-23 (Vee Rubber) tire

20x7 will fit 200/40-20 (Vee Rubber) or 220/50-20 (Avon) tire

20x10 will fit 280/40-20 (Avon) tire

21x9 will fit  260/35-21 (Metzeler) tire



Wire wheels for FAT BAGGER on up to 2008 Touring.  

Baggers are Big again. Fat bagger conversion kits are very popular these days and you can transform your stock HD Touring bike into powerful Fat look of Wide Tire. Install a 200mm tire on a touring bike with your choice of any 15, 16, 17, 18, and also 20" wheels in any design from 40 to 120 spokes. Custom lacing styles are available in any size. Powder coating spokes and wheels in any color combination is available. 


Fat Bagger spoke wheels   
15x7 Billet Solid Wheel 
15x7 solid wheel

HDW offer hard to find 15x7 solid billet wheel to fit 230/60-15 Avon AM21 tire. Single or dual flange. Available finish: Brushed, Powder coating, Anodizing, Chrome plating, ...

Limeted quantity available

15x7 billet wheel

36 Spoke Custom Wheels 


Attention Supermoto/Enduro/Motocross owners! 

HDW presents a new line of build-to-order custom wheels for your motocross bikes. For those of you who want to stand out and convert a bike for street use we offer 36 spoke Apollo-SL aluminum wheels with a variety of rim sizes and finishing (powder coating/chrome plating). 

Spool (no brake) 4.25" hub for Choppers
Small spool hub (4.25" Diameter) available now for 40 and 60 spoke wheels.
Small spool hub 

3-Bar Spinner
For those who would like to add an antique sporty look to the bike.
Our company has launched a new product. A 3-Bar Spinner made out of high quality billet aluminum, and is available for front and rear wheel in a variety of finishing options as polished, chrome plated, gold plated, powder coated, etc.
Feel free to contact us for any additional information or questions.

3-Bar spinner chrome and gold  3 bar spinner on a Todd's bike 
3-Bar Spinner black 3-Bar Spinner black and chrome 3-Bar Spinner black and gold 3-Bar Spinner gold
3-Bar Spinner chrome 3-Bar Spinner chrome and black 3-Bar Spinner gold and chrome 3-Bar Spinner gold and black

Direct replacement spokes kits
for original Harley wheels

Kits available for standard Harley steel and "Profile" aluminum rim in sizes:
16x3, 16x5, 17x4.25, 17x6, 19x2.5, 21x2.15
Each kit contains a set of 40 spokes and nipples
Copper plated nipples (discontinued, special order) must be protected from oxidation by wax

Black chrome plated and copper plated nipples (discontiued, available only as special order) - replaced by powder coated stainless steel nipples

Other color powder coated spokes available too.


Polished stainless steel spokes

Stainless steel spokes kit
Powder  coated spokesPowder coated spokes

Perimeter Brake System

Clean and affordable brake setup. Custom made to fit our wheels. Call us for more information.

Perimeter brake front view

Custom Spoke Wheels specifically for 360 Brake System

For custom and Harley-Davidson wide glide applications


No bulky brake rotors and caliper on your wheel at all!


Call us for more information.

or visit




 360 Brake setup for spoke wheels
  Is shown with 23x3.75 Apollo-SL aluminum rim, 120 Spokes  

Design Lacing Styles

S-Cross lacing 40 spokes S-Cross lacing

Blade-48 (40 Spokes)

S-Cross (40 Spokes)  

S-Cross (60 Spokes)

S-Cross Radial lacing S-Cross lacing 80 Spokes 
Cross-Radial (60 Spokes)  S-Cross-Radial (60 Spokes)  S-Cross (80 Spokes)  


Fan-6 Radial (120 Spokes)

B-Cross-Radial (90 Spokes)

Cross-Radial (120 Spokes)

  Radial lacing  
  Radial (100 and 120 Spokes)  

Warning: Radial and Fan-6 laced wheels are designed for show bikes. This type of lacing is not as strong as the cross laced one. Riding on such wheels has to be more delicate avoiding rapid accelerations and stopping (High Torque moments).


Valve Stem Caps Pattern

Got S-Cross lacing. Now you can go even further - use Valve Stem Cover Pattern to create a new look. One cap will hide an actual inner tube stem, and other 4 (or other quantity, you can choose) will be screwed on "dummy" stems with the same thread as valve stem has.  As per your request, we can use a variety of caps (stars, skulls, bullets, etc). Of course, we can get you almost any finish on them you want. Make your wheels Unique!

5 red bullet valve stem cover pattern

5 red bullet valve stem cover pattern 

Check these 5 (4+1) bullet head red caps on a 17x6.25 wheel with Red Star design lacing.

New Finishing Style

Black Nickel Plating with Clear Top Coat

Show quality Black Nickel plating producing a finish which is lustrous smoky  black in color. It is brighter than Black Chrome.



Art of Powder Coating

Our manufacturing process allows us to finish a wheel with most complex flames and tribal artwork while retaining the durability of powder coating. Artwork can be customized to suit the customer's personal taste and needs. We will also work from the customer's sketches or photos.

Please find more then 12,000 ClipArt's in:

Black Chrome plating for your Exhaust System
Call as at (818) 887-9065 for details


Pinstripe can really dress up a wheel!


Colors of Pinstripes

 Polar White  Lettering White   Primrose Yellow

 Lemon Yellow



 Chrome Yellow  Orange  Vermillion

 Fire Red



 Bright Red  Maroon  Rubine Red




 Tan  Imitation Gold  Metallic Copper

 Metallic Gold



 Metallic Brass  Violet  Magenta

 Dark Magenta



 Coral  Salmon Pink  Lettering Black

 Dark Brown



 Medium Brown  Ivory  Medium Gray

 Metallic Silver



 Purple  Proper Purple  Dark Blue

 Brilliant Blue



 Reflex Blue  Dark Green  Medium Green

 Process Green



 Emerald Green  Aqua  Blue Green

 Kansas City Teal



 Robin Egg Blue  Peacock Blue  Process Blue

 Light Blue




Dynamic Tire Ballancing Solution 


Some one donít want to ruin the appearance of  the wheels with clip-on or stick-on wheel weights. On base of our customer feedback we can recommend you solution as Dyna Beads from Innovative Balancing. For more information please visit manufacturer web site at www.innovativebalancing.com


  Balancing of a tire up to 120 mm wide required 1oz of Dyna Beads

  Balancing of a tire from 130 to 200 mm wide required 2oz of Dyna Beads

  Balancing of a tire from 230 to 300 mm wide required 3oz of Dyna Beads 


Fill you tires with Nitrogen (N2)

If you are one of the 85% of Americans who doesn't regularly check tire pressure, you need nitrogen.

Proper tire pressure results in longer wearing tires and improved gas mileage.

Nitrogen inflated tires maintain proper pressure longer

  The air we breathe - The air that's in your tires   Atire filled with "plain old air" can lose 1.5 psi in less than a month With nitrogen, it can take up to six months to lose 1.5psi     
  Draining water from your air lines every day helps, but unless you have a really efficient air dryer, chances are there's a lot of water in your compressed air   Oxygennreacts and damages inner tire liners and belt packages; nitrogen does nott  
  Small bits of corrosion from wheels can prevent valves from seating properly, leading to lossSmall bits of corrosion from wheels can prevent valves from seating properly, leading to loss
of air pressure.
  NASCAR and IndyCar teams use nitrogen because it allows them to more accurately predict  tire pressure fluctuation.   
Graphics provided by Bridgestone/Firestone 

We can fill you tires with Nitrogen (N2) for $5 per tire.

We will also include nice chrome plated cap with N2 logo.